Ritual Planning Cell

Public rituals are a way for community to connect and weave with Spirit by honoring the Wheel of the Year. Priestessing public ritual is a fun and creative way to contribute to the magic of community. UMRR public rituals are planned by a group of up to 9 people – the UMRR Ritual Planning Cell. We have active leadership rotation with three cell members rotating off and three more rotating on each year. The transition between outgoing and incoming cell members happens at Samhain. We meet monthly to plan ritual and to discuss the logistics of the cell. Cell members make a three year commitment.


Please give us feedback on our rituals using this feedback form.  We value your experience and input and it helps us to meet the communities needs when planning the next rituals.  When giving feedback please keep in mind the following guidelines.

Feedback works best and is most helpful when it is concrete, observable and changeable.  Examples of useful feedback include: “I wish the energy raising had gone on longer and had more drumming.”  “The trance was too quiet and I could not hear it.”  “I loved the Air invocation, there was a lot of movement and encouraged me to participate”

Join the Cell

We are looking for people with the following skills and experience. We ask that you have attended 2-3 Reclaiming rituals or have attended WitchCamp and that you have taken an Elements of Magic class. We expect applicants to be familiar with and embrace the Principles of Unity. We encourage youth to apply as well. For youth we ask only a one year commitment and the other requirements are up for discussion.

Please complete this application for membership in next year’s cell.

Contact Us

Need information that’s not here? Email us at umrr.rituals@gmail.com.