Summer Solstice Magic 2020

There is magic afoot!

Please join The Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming (UMRR) Ritual Planning Cell as we coordinate a sacred collaborative altar and spell in Powderhorn Park for Summer Solstice (Saturday June 20th, 2020).


We weave a spell of connection at Midsummer, a time of sacred balance. We hold ourselves, each other, and the world in deepest care. Our magic nourishes all.

Making it happen

The altar will be built around one of the trees in the area of the park where we often hold public rituals, on the corner of 33rd St and 14th Ave in Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis. Scaffolding will be setup on the tree by Thursday, June 18th. Below we have outlined the different options for folks to get the altar items they would like to share to the space. The altar space will be maintained throughout the weekend of the Solstice to allow time to integrate items and visit if you so desire. Please remember, if you visit the space at any time, to practice social distancing and wear a mask if you are able. Altar items should ideally be something that you do not intend to get back, as there is no plan to return items to people after the weekend of the Solstice. Photos of the space will be taken and posted online. We welcome everyone to take photos or videos of the space or your process in creating, collecting, or choosing your altar items and share them if you so desire.

Pick altar items

The groundwork for the altar and spell lies in crafting or identifying an item or items that you would like to be included in the space at the park. Once you have identified or crafted your item(s), you should decide how you would like them to get to the park. You can integrate your own items into the altar at the park, drop off your items at Harper’s house, or request for Galen to pick up your item(s) from your doorstep.

Option 1: Bring your own item(s) to the park

If you decide to bring them to the park yourself, the tree will be evident once you arrive to the corner of 33rd St and 14th Ave. Scaffolding for the altar space will be set up on the tree by Thursday, June 18th, and the space will be tended through the weekend.

Option 2: Drop off your item(s) at Harper’s house

If you decide to drop off your item(s) at Harper’s house, please leave them on the front steps at 3520 17th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407 anytime after this announcement and before June 20th. Remember that there is no plan in place to return your items.

Option 3: Request a pickup from Galen

Galen has offered to pick up altar items from people’s front steps. Please call, text, or email Galen at 763-219-9854 or to coordinate pickup anytime after this announcement and before June 20th.

Please remember that there is no plan to return your items.

This seasonal collaboration, as with all Reclaiming rituals, is open to folks of all ages, all genders, all physical abilities, pagans, non pagans, solitaries, covens, and the curious. We hope you’ll join us! Please respond to this message in an email or in the comments if you have any questions.

Blessed be, and Happy Midsummer!

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