April Parlor-Communication group session

Constructive Feedback: Weaving threads of Thriving Community

Many of us have experiences of feedback/critique. Some useful and some perhaps quite unpleasant. And in many cases we hear nothing at all and wonder.

Paganistan Reclaiming has chosen to create systems for constructive feedback that has the power to grow our skills and enrich our community.

Join us on April 10, 7pm.

Teri and Paul present a beginning/continuing journey in developing skills and values that support our abilities to give and receive feedback to each other. Using song, discussion, 3 thoughts, fishbowls, trance and interactive techniques, we shall be learning practical ways to develop our feedback techniques.

Anyone can attend this session. You don’t to have attended previous Parlor/Communication gatherings.

Please Note: There is a dog who lives in the house. There are no cats. No stairs. There will be chairs but you could bring a pillow to sit on if you want.

The house is about 1/2 block from 38th St. where bus lines run.

The purpose of the Parlor-Communication group is to continue to develop our communication skills and tools within the Paganistan Reclaiming community. Each time we meet, someone from the group, and it could be you, brings a new skill or topic to teach/discuss around: decision making, feedback, conflict resolution and other communication topics. Please join us!