October Communication/Parler group

Tending the Heart(h) of Community through Communication

An experiential conversation

7 p.m. Wed. October 8, 2014

The Paganistan Reclaiming We Are statement says:
“We are family friendly and practice radical inclusivity, accessibility, and hospitality.”

How can we support this value in our communication processes, especially around digital communication to community?

Come and explore this question with us. We will be focusing on issues around privacy, inclusivity, personal responsibility, and group responsibility in our notification processes in Paganistan Reclaiming. The evening will be facilitated by Kerry, Teri, Song and Johanna and will include experiential pieces as well as conversation.

We will be meeting at Kerry’s house. Please email her to find out her address – kmokalla (at) yahoo (dot) com.  The house has stairs leading up to the main floor, and we may meet for a time in the basement to have access to a large computer screen.  There are no animals in the house.  The location is accessible by the 6 bus-route.

Our meetings are scent free. Get more information about going scent free.

These meetings are open to everyone. This is the meeting for you if you have feedback about Paganistan Reclaiming communication processes.

Our group has been meeting every six weeks to discuss/present/practice the concepts of Consensus, Constructive Feedback, Conflict Resolution, and Non-Violent Communication and how they impact us as a community. Learn more about the Communications Parler Group.