Parler Communications Group Meeting March 4

On March 4, at Johannah’s from 7:01-9:11 pm, the Communications Parler group will have a planning meeting for a gathering in late April. The goal of the April meeting is to begin to create a magical and practical financial foundation for our Reclaiming community.

The open group known as Communications Parler gathered in mid-January for an engaging, thought-provoking, challenging, and occasionally hilarious magical talk about money. We called this evening “Talking About Talking About Money.” From this work, we surmised it would be good to create some magic, visioning, and agreements about money for our Paganistan Reclaiming community. Paganistan has presented seasonal rituals, taught and attended classes, and gathered socially and magically. Yet, we have operated in a manner that sometimes does not cover expenses, pay folks for their time, or create savings that could allow us to enact or further the values articulated in our “We are” statement.

Join us Wednesday, March 4 as we plan the April Talking About Money gathering.  Everyone is invited, whether or not you have attended a Parler meeting. For Johannah’s address, please e-mail her at The home is accessible with some steps and had cats (which do not come out when people are visiting).

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