Ritual Drumming Workshop

Ritual Drumming

With Willow Firefly Kelly and Jennifer Byers

Join us for a weekend of drumming, music, ritual and celebrating the Earth with Willow Firefly Kelly and Jennifer Byers. The weekend will include both a one day workshop, for which registration is required, and two open events on Friday and Sunday open to all!

  • On Friday, April 15th, we will gather from 7.30-9 p.m. for a drumming and song circle (open to all). Location: People’s Movement Center, 736 E 41st St, Minneapolis, MN 55407. Donations are welcome and will cover cost for venue on Friday, Willow’s travel expenses, and hopefully provide a honorarium for our wonderful teachers.
  • On Saturday, April 16th, the workshop will run from 10.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Registration is required. Sliding scale offered, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds).
  • On Sunday, April 17th, we will have an early Earth Day celebration, open to all!
    • Location: Powderhorn Park, where 33rd Street meets 14th Avenue S., Minneapolis
    • Schedule on this day will be:
      • 2 p.m. Ritual team and drummers gather
      • 3 p.m. Public Earth Day ritual
      • 4.30-6 p.m. Closing drumming and music jam.
    • Donations are welcome and will cover cost for venue on Friday, Willow’s travel expenses, and hopefully provide a honorarium for our wonderful teachers.

The teachers for this workshop

Willow Firefly Kelly

I am a priestess and witch experiencing transformation through the ecstatic vibrations of music, sound and rhythm. I am devoted to creating opportunities for others to experience the profound impact these vibrations have on the body, mind, spirit, and surrounding environments. Together, we will co-create a safe space and facilitate the conversion of the inner critical voices many of us experience with music and voice, into a healthy feedback process. I’m a singer/songwriter, ritual drummer and have been a priestess of music throughout my life. I find great joy and nourishment in creating spontaneous music with others and bringing participants into a delightful experience and understanding of their own musical gifts. Over two decades, I have provided music at workshops, drum and song circles, and Reclaiming Witchcamps. I have had the distinct and humbling pleasure of studying percussion techniques, styles and traditional rhythms with masters Souhail Kaspar and Layne Redmond and look forward to the opportunity to be in resonant rhythm with the witches in the Twin Cities!

Jennifer Byers

I stumbled upon the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft in 2003, where I became an active member of the Chicago Reclaiming community. Since that time, I have been learning (and later, teaching) within Reclaiming in cities across the United States. In 2013, I moved north to Minnesota, where I hope to learn a love of winter…and mosquitoes. I am a queer-witch-poet who thrives on art and music. I seek to grow in accountability and awareness, and I am exploring what it can mean to live in support of social justice and healing. I have also trained with T. Thorn Coyle and Diana’s Grove Mystery School. I often tend toward creativity, embodiment, sensuality, mindfulness and humor. I strongly value daily practice, meditation, self-awareness, honesty and the power of kindness.

For more information about our local Reclaiming tradition, please visit: http://upper-mississippi-river-reclaiming.org

For information about the Reclaiming tradition in general, please visit: reclaiming.org

If you have questions about this workshop, please contact Alex Iantaffi, who is coordinating the event, at alex.iantaffi@gmail.com

Please note that there is a sliding scale of $0-250 for the workshop. Willow is also open to barter offers and can provide a list of needs on request. Donations will be collected at open events. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Our goal is to cover Willow’s expenses, including travel, as well as space rental, and hopefully compensation for our teachers. Thank you!