Devotional Mask Making

With Copper and Preston

Masks have been used for thousands of years as a way to honor Spirit in all faces and to create a way to connect and deepen relationship with a Deity, Land spirit, Ancestor – They who call….

In this two day workshop we will be making masks as an act of devotion. We will, in sacred space and trance, be forming and creating the masks, decorating and imbuing them. We will be offering the gift of embodiment to the Being as we Aspect with the masks. We will learn and practice basic  aspecting techniques, culminating in a ritual aspecting w/ the mask we created.

  • Prerequisite: Elements of Magic or equivalent
  • Where: Minneapolis, MN
  • Dates: Saturday March 25 through Sunday March 26
  • Cost:  $125 to $275 sliding scale fee

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Copper Persephone

Copper Persephone I have been a practicing witch: doing ritual, performance and community organizing/activist/social work with people who live in poverty for over 25 years. I walk a spiritual path devoted to erotic and ecstatic communion with spirit in all of its faces and forms and am called to helping others to experience immanence through many roads including western queer tantric practice and shamanic journey work. I have facilitated workshops in leadership, personal growth, sacred sexuality and mask making for many years.  First teaching Reclaiming classes in 2001, and then at Witchcamps starting in 2003, I am devoted to service and organizing work. Dedicated to Freya and initiated into Reclaiming, the Honey Bees Clan and the Bear clan as well as Queer Spirit – those roots and conversations inform my daily life.

Preston Vargas, M.A., CATC

Preston VargasAn educator, a witch and a priest-ess whose love of community ritual, spirit medicine, and artful crafting are matched by his passion for deep and transformative healing. His skills as an integrative counselor, shamanic healer, reiki practitioner, scholar and ritualist allow him to weave all the parts of himself into joyful service while practicing social justice. As a storyteller and dancer, Preston co-creates with the deities, ancestors, spirits, animals, plants, humans, devas, and our shadows to heal our fragmented selves and communities.

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