August Communication/Parlor group

The Paganistan Reclaiming Communication/Parlor group will be meeting on Wed, August 6th at Max’s house at 7:00pm. Everyone in Paganistan Reclaiming is invited to attend, including new people.

Our group has been meeting every six weeks to discuss/present/practice the concepts of Consensus, Constructive Feedback, Conflict Resolution, and Non-Violent Communication and how they impact us as a community.

rainbow-huddleOn August 6th we will be discussing the bonus chapter to Starhawk’s book, The Empowerment Manual. It is called “The Five-Fold Path to Productive Meetings” and it’s available as a free gift from Starhawk online.

We will be having a bookclub-like discussion about the issues in these writings. It is recommended that you have read the pages before we meet, but if you have not had a chance to review it, please come anyway.

We will also be discussing if/what we would like to share about our team or our work at our regional Dandelion meeting, which is the weekend of Sept. 19th.

Please contact Max if you need their address: maxgries at gmail dot com or (612) 558-3202. Max’s house does have stairs, and there are 2 dogs who live there but they won’t be out during our meeting. The location is accessible by the number 9 bus route.

Our meetings are scent free. Get more information about going sent free.

If you have any questions about this meeting or accessibility at the meeting, please call Kerry Mokalla at (612) 205-9745.