Community Retreat and Business Meeting

Saturday, September 24  10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Hidden Falls Park 1305 Mississippi River Blvd. S St Paul, MN 55116

Our planning committee has envisioned this day to include time for community offerings and skill sharing, a potluck meal, a business meeting, leading up to our community fall equinox ritual.

Agenda for event:

  • 10 a.m.
    Gathering time, easeful social time, community offerings/skill sharing. Individuals and groups who are interested in offering during this time, please contact Leora. We will have the shelter reserved beginning at 7:30 am, so offerings can begin earlier than our scheduled reteat time.
  • 11:30 a.m.Potluck lunch
  • 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.: Business Meeting, to include Community group updates (Crafty Night, Parler, Bower in the Cities, Land, Relations Group, Teacher Group, Covens and Households, etc) and an Update on Nonprofit status
  • 3 p.m. Fall equinox ritual.

We’d like to extend an invitation for community members to serve as graces to greet and welcome people as they arrive. This will be important around key arrival times at beginning of retreat and at ritual gathering time.

We plan to provide coffee (boxes, regular & decaf), and are calling for anyone who is able to bring thermoses of hot water for tea. There are no outlets in the shelter.

We also invite community members who are able to bring easel/paper and markers.

UMRR has spent $140 on the space. Donations will be accepted to offset this cost.

Business Meeting Details

At the last UMRR visioning and business meeting held in March 2016, Teri, Bird and Paul volunteered to develop some structures for our local Reclaiming community around money. So far, we have registered as a non-profit with the state and opened a checking account. We are also suggesting the following temporary policy regarding expense reimbursement.

Temporary Reimbursement Policy for UMRR-related expenses

Any expense up to $50 that supports UMRR-related activities will be reimbursed when a receipt is received. If it is more than $50, it must be approved by the temporary board of Tom Bird, Teri, and Paul. We strongly encourage UMRR-related activities to ask for donations to cover any funds taken from the UMRR bank account so that the money can go back into the general fund. This policy will be in effect until another policy is crafted by UMRR’s new Board.

To be reimbursed, please send the receipt for the expense and its purpose to Paul Eaves at 3336 31st Ave S Mpls MN 55406.

UMMR-related activities could be expenses for such things as meetings, rituals, and community gatherings. [The seasonal community rituals already have a fund to draw from for those ritual expenses.] If you have any questions or comments on this temporary policy, please contact Teri, Tom Bird or Paul.

Question for discussion at the meeting on September 24.

What structure and processes would help us to further the well-being and vitality of the Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming Community? The insights we collect will be given to working groups and/or to the next board of UMRR to develop into proposals for consensus decisions around UMRR structure and processes.

This is the prime topic we would like to discuss at the business part of our September 24 gathering. If you want to share your thoughts on line or contact us through other means, please feel free.