A Winter Solstice message

ingwaz - art by donald-engstrom-reeseWhile Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming may not be gathering formally as a community to revel in the longest night, the ritual team is looking within, sitting with the dark, listening to the fallow fields as they actively rest and regenerate.

We are sorting the seeds of a spell to be sown after the fields have rested, been nourished, fertility restored. Motivated by the longest night, ignited by the coming return of the sun, inspired by the creative potential of Ingwaz, the rune of seeds and becoming, we are courting creative sparks to help us choose the seeds of ritual and magic to be planted for the coming year, preparing for the next cycle of community ritual. We encourage all who feel drawn to participate in this spell: to create altars with seeds on it. You may find yourself drawn to sort through them, gathering and winnowing ideas of what magic is needed, of what action is needed in the months ahead.

May the inspiration come and the magic be fruitful and healing for what lies ahead in 2017.

Thank you Donald Engstrom for this lovely art which could help focus this intention on an altar.

Blessings in the deep time of the year,
The UMRR Ritual Planning Cell