Postponed: Growing and Nurturing Thriving Communities Workshop

Postponed – A Reclaiming Witch Tradition Core Class

We choose to grow sustainable communities grounded in our values.

  • Three Saturday Session’s Over Three Months:
  • April 8, 2017; May 13, 2017 and another date TBD
  • 9 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Open to all who have completed a Reclaiming Elements Class

The Reclaiming Witch Tradition recognizes that community is core to living a thriving life. We are committed to actively exploring ways to grow and nurture sustainable communities of beauty, balance and delight. Join us as we investigate old and new ways of creating and living in healthy community.

This workshop will be facilitated by four local Reclaiming Witches: Colleen Cook, Rae Eden, Donald Engstrom-Reese, and Teri Parsley Starnes. We are each actively fascinated with and committed to the growing and nurturing of sustainable communities embodying the diverse qualities of our values such as joy, justice, abundance, beauty, and delight.

A few questions to ponder before we gather:
What draws me to want to grow and nurture a thriving community?
Am I interested in growing communities grounded in cultures of beauty, balance and delight*? What comes to mind when I think about being an integral part of a thriving community? What values would I like to embody in community?
What are key elements to growing any healthy and sustainable community?
What would such a community feel like, smell like, sound like, taste like, look like?
Is there a group size that is best suited for different types of communities?
What are a few types of basic communities and what are their purposes?

We have room for 12 folks to join us as we explore this topic. Please register to hold your spot. To register or to receive more information, contact Donald at: or (612)724-7348.

We have a sliding scale of $10 – $80 per session. Extra funds beyond expenses benefit Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming (

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